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Integrated Immunization Functionalities

As part of a core set of services, local health departments administer so many vaccines that patient flow can easily get backed up. Patagonia Health’s HIPAA-compliant Immunization App allows providers to dispense and administer vaccines, view patient histories, and access specific immunization reports. This functionality eliminates duplicate entries and assists in billing workflows.

See How the Immunization App Works

Our Immunization App works with your existing workflow. Take a look at what it looks like.

Key Benefits

• Quick, easy entry of patient-provided historical immunization records (e.g. from other state registries, physicians, etc)

• Real-time printing of administered vaccines

• Web based solution for use in health departments, off-site, or remote clinics

• Easy-to-use screens cut down data entry time for nurses

• Auto calculation of the appropriate billing admin code

• Maintained and updated VIS (Vaccine Information Statement)

Additional Features*

Immunization Inventory App automatically keeps track of vaccine
inventory. Track inventory by funding source (e.g. VFC, 317 or
private) and clinic sites. Through barcode scanning, inventory fields auto-populate (NDC, Brand, Vaccine/CVX, Manufacturer).

Barcode Scanning App makes inventory input and dispensing easy; simply scan vaccine and save nurses time. Eliminate cumbersome task of reading small print on vaccines.

Interface to State Immunization Registry (bidirectionally, when available).

*These features can be added at an additional cost

Interested in Learning More?

Let us know a little about you, and one of our team members will reach out to discuss how Patagonia Health’s Immunization App can help your Public Health organization.