Electronic Capture of Patient Signatures

Managing patient consent forms is a critical piece of the check-in process. Patagonia Health’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) features an optional, built-in Electronic Patient Consent Form Builder. This feature can be used either with a Topaz signature pad, touch screen, or mouse for direct sign by the patient and provider for various forms, either at the time of check-in or in a clinical setting.

Patagonia Health’s electronic consent forms help save staff time on scanning in multiple paper copies per client.

Processing Assistant IV, NC County Health Department

Key Benefits:

  • Create your own consent forms or use ours
  • Electronically capture patient consents at check- in or within the clinic
  • Decrease cost of printing paper documents and eliminate scanning and shredding of paper forms
  • View patient-signed consents within the patient chart, and revoke consent if necessary
  • Apply expiration dates to notify staff a form has expired and needs to be signed again

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