Integrated School Health Mapping System




School Health Mapping App eliminates paper and automates the school health nurses’ work flow.

  • Analyze data to promote health equity and help eliminate health disparities in local communities.
  • Determine if symptoms are localized or if they are present throughout the region.
  • Analyze real-time reports, immediately recognize patterns and communicate appropriate information to providers, parents and teachers.

Features & Benefits

  • Identify patterns and improve response time for school outbreaks
  • Save school nurses time
  • Timelier documentation
  • Speeds the response time of primary care providers

monthly health trend 10-2014 Graph School Health App Selected Conditions
School Health App Student Encounter Note

“We have definitely liked being so involved in the development process. We also liked being able to use the paper student encounter form that we were already using to develop the documentation app. It made the process easier to roll out for all nurses.”
– Alice Luttman, School Nurse Supervisor, Cabarrus Health Alliance


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