Patagonia Health is proud to offer educational webinars on various industry-related topics for public and behavioral health. All webinars are free to the public and presented within one hour. Previously recorded webinars are available below. Fill out the Content Subscriber form on this page to be added to our webinar invitation list.

Overcoming Perfectionism – How to Stop Moving the Goalposts

With Dr. Matt Zakreski, Co-Founder of the Neurodiversity Collective

This presentation defines perfectionism as an aspect of anxiety and how it manifests in both personal and professional settings. This webinar is an invaluable opportunity for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of perfectionism and how to effectively address it.

Billing Best Practices

With Debbie McNeil, Senior Implementation and Training Consultant, Patagonia Health

This 1 hour presentation covers the best practices for billing with an EHR. Topics include: steps for a healthy accounts receivable department, real-time eligibility, aging accounts and much more.

Ransomware in Healthcare

With Srini Kolathur, Director of databrackets

This presentation is by Srini Kolathur about ransomware in healthcare. He will review relevant ransomware topics, including how ransomware can enter your system, how ransomware spreads and impacts healthcare systems, and more.

Avoiding Pitfalls in HIT Contracting and Implementation

With Capri Dye, Darren Xanthos, and Don Sargent

This is a recorded panel with Darren Xanthos of XHealth Solutions, Capri Dye of CSD Health IT Advisors, and Don Sargent from Patagonia Health about Health Information Technology (HIT) contracting and implementation. They give their top reasons why organizations run into roadblocks during implementation and what they can do to overcome them.

With Dr. Margie Balfour, Chief of Quality and Clinical Innovation, Connections Health Solutions

This is a one-hour presentation by Dr. Margie Balfour about crisis care in behavioral health organizations. She will review her expertise in 988 as a suicide and crisis lifeline, national trends in behavioral health crisis care, and how to provide whole-person care.

Exploring Rural Health

With Dr. Michael Meit, Director of Rural Health Research, East Tennessee State University

Dr. Meit reviews his findings in the evaluation of rural health programs, health equity, and rural health-specific issues, among others.

Behavioral Health Compliance and Quality of Care Tips

With Jonathan Strange, Clinical Director, Patagonia Health

The Behavioral Health world is constantly changing. From the regulatory requirements at a state and federal level to specific billing requirements associated with certain payors, providers have an uphill battle to achieve compliance. Jonathan provides some helpful tips that can be used when providing care and completing documentation. Tips will include a “Golden Thread” model and focus on simplifying the complicated compliance process.

Cybersecurity in Telehealth

With Balakrishna Subramoney, Lead Analyst – Cybersecurity, Sam Analytic Solutions

In the rapidly changing healthcare ecosystem, healthcare service providers need to learn, unlearn, and relearn cybersecurity concepts. This security awareness session is tailored for beginner and intermediate levels of learning. Our speaker introduces basic concepts in cybersecurity and provides insights and discusses the current information security best practices in the healthcare industry, with special emphasis on Telehealth.

Case Management in the Patagonia Health EHR

With John Ramsey, Sr. Technical Product Analyst, Patagonia Health

In this webinar, John walks through case management and care management and how an EHR such as ours can support them. Patagonia Health EHR provides more than a place to record staff interaction with patients and clients. The EHR provides tools for care managers to assess the needs of their patients, including Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) needs. Staff can also document contact, track the interventions required for completion, and track time spent on programs.

Public Health 3.0 – What it Means for Public Health Agencies and Health IT System Developers

With Ashok Mathur and Rajib Ghosh

Ashok Mathur, Founder and CEO of Patagonia Health, and Rajib Ghosh, Founder & CEO of Health Roads, discuss the key pillars of Public Health 3.0 and why they are important for expanding and improving public healthcare in the country. They cover what this means for Health IT and Electronic Health Record companies and what counties and cities need to prepare for when they plan to implement Health IT systems in their Public Health departments.

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) – I’ll Know It When I See It

With Colleen Bridger, Founder and CEO, Colleen Bridger Consulting

Colleen Bridger, MPH, PhD, and Founder and CEO of Colleen Bridger Consulting reviews modern-day definitions of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) and discusses why a renewed focus on these, through the lens of Social Justice, is more critical than ever. She examines the progress made over the last decade to address Social Determinants of Health and discusses where and why that work has fallen short, resulting in greater health inequities, and how Public Health can revamp our approaches.

Protecting Patient Data and Preventing Data Breaches

With Srini Kolathur, CEO, databrackets

Srini discusses the ins and outs of protecting patient data. It is no simple job to protect data in the healthcare sector. A data breach allows unauthorized individual access to confidential, sensitive, or protected information. HIPAA/HITECH compliance applies to Protected Health Information (PHI). If the business is already HIPAA compliant, there are many technical protections to secure patient data, bringing one step closer to complying with other cybersecurity and compliance standards. Srini covers how healthcare agencies can achieve these things.

From Volume to Outcomes: Measuring Success in a Value-Based Environment

Scott LaVigne, Franklin County Health Department

Scott LaVigne of Franklin County Health Department provides an easy way to operationalize “value” within healthcare settings. He examines some common outcome metrics used within managed care systems, and discusses practical steps that health departments can take to better position their clinics and programs for the Value-Based healthcare system that will soon be arriving.

Combat Opioid Crisis Using EHRs, GIS, and Wastewater Sampling

With Michael Bajorek, Deputy Town Manager, Town of Cary and Sonali Luniya, Patagonia Health

In the growing war on opioid use, how do you develop targeted programs for maximum effectiveness? Combining GIS mapping data, de-identified EHR health data, and wastewater testing samples can be a real eye-opener. In this educational webinar, Michael Bajorek, Deputy Town Manager for the Town of Cary, NC, and Sonali Luniya, VP of Customer Experience at Patagonia Health, share what some are doing to combat the opioid crisis as unique insights that may help you too.

Beyond the EHR – Connectivity that Counts

With Tom Power, Director of Business Development, Patagonia Health

Like a house, your EHR is a strong foundation you can build on. There is a whole world out there beyond the walls of Electronic Health Records software that enables you to increase your agency’s efficiencies and abilities. In this webinar, you’ll learn about how connections beyond the EHR can have a positive impact on your agency.

How to Use EHRs to Help with Smoking Cessation Efforts

With Sonali Luniya, VP of Customer Experience, Patagonia Health

Tobacco dependence is a leading cause of avoidable death. 70% of smokers want to quit, and quit attempts are more successful with clinical assistance and guidance. In this educational webinar, Sonali Luniya of Patagonia Health shares how clinicians can use EHRs to help patients with Tobacco Cessation.

The Service that Supports the Software

With Ashok Mathur, Founder and CEO, Patagonia Health

Patagonia Health’s Public Health and Behavioral Health customers select us for our unique technology but then refer us to their colleagues because of our superb service as we focus every day to earn 100% customer reference ability. In this webinar, Patagonia Health’s CEO, Ashok Mathur, tells his story about why service is so vital to health software.

User-Centered Design Creates a Custom Version of a Standard Public Health EHR

With John Ramsey, Sr. Technical Product Analyst, Patagonia Health

At Patagonia Health, we fully understand that not all health departments are alike, so we remain flexible in the EHR solutions we offer. Following a user-centered product design approach, we observe and interview the users in their environment which form the basis of defining the problem and designing a tailored solution. In this webinar, learn how we work directly with Public Health departments all across the US to deliver a custom version of our standard EHR.

Innovative Approaches to Pleasing Our Customers

With Tom Power, Director of Business Development, Patagonia Health

Join us for an overview discussion and demonstration to learn the pivotal reasons why agencies just like yours are selecting Patagonia Health and the substantial benefits they have gained since implementation. Learn from Tom Power, Director of Business Development, on how Patagonia Health has grown from 3 to 21 states in just under 4 years thanks to collaborations and innovative approaches with our customers in public and behavioral Health!

HIPAA/HITECH Requirements and Security Risk Analysis

With Srini Kolathur, Director, EHR 2.0

The HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach requirement is a mandate under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. Likewise, the HIPAA Privacy Rule provides federal protections for Protected Health Information (PHI) held by health departments and gives patients an array of rights with respect to that information. Personnel involved in Public Health must have a grasp on disclosures of PHI permitted for patient care and other important purposes, along with other ways the regulations affect their job functions. This 50-minute webinar by Srini Kolathur and EHR 2.0 will focus on HIPAA/HITECH requirements for Public Health Departments and FQHCs.

EHR Implementation – People, Process, and Product

With Steve Kutz and Brantley Hancock

Steve Kutz, Division Director of Community and Clinical Health Services, and Brantley Hancock, Department Systems Specialist, at Washoe County Health District share their experiences in migrating to a new EHR System – overcoming pain points and fears, adjusting to a new workflow, data migration and more.

Best Practices for Successful EHR Data Conversion

With Don Sargent, VP of Customer Experience, Patagonia Health

An important element of successful EHR adoption is the data migration process. In this informational webinar, learn from Don Sargent, Director of Customer Experience at Patagonia Health, what to expect and best practices for the conversion process for accurate data in your new EHR.

EHR Implementation in Rural Local Health Departments

With Aaron Davis, Public Health Initiatives Project Manager, Wichita State University

In this educational webinar, Aaron Davis, Public Health Initiatives Project Manager at Wichita State University, talks about EHR implementation in rural local health departments and the collaborative effort among 11 different health departments.