Integrated App for Medication Dispensing, Tracking, and Inventory Control


The Pharmacy App is suitable for small local health departments and automates medication (e.g. for family planning) dispensing, tracking, audit and inventory control. The following describes functions of the built-in Pharmacy App.

Features & Benefits

  • Ease of documentation. Automates pharmacy worklfow including medication dispensing and tracking, all from within the Electronics Health Record (EHR)
  • Fits into nurses workflow; no dual data entry
  • Eliminates paper medication administration record. Electronically and automatically track dispensed medications, including patient name, lot number, etc.
  • Print medication labels from EHR
  • Electronic inventory tracking with built-in alerts
  • Remote access for part time pharmacists. Web-based solution makes it easy (especially for pharmacists) to access from anywhere, anytime

Kathryn Hostetter, RPh Pharmacist/Manager Hoke Pharmacy

“I like how we are able to remotely access the system from another site since we are only physically in the pharmacy 4 to 5 hours each week. This app will help us to track inventory in a much more detailed and efficient manner”
– Kathryn Hostetter, RPh Pharmacist/Manager, Hoke County Pharmacy

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