Patient ID Scanner for faster patient check-in

This easy-to-use, patient ID scanner* feature allows your registration staff to easily scan a patient’s identification or insurance card which auto-populates the corresponding fields in the Electronic Health Record (EHR). This built-in optional functionality streamlines the check-in process saving staff time, reducing errors while patients get in and out more quickly.

Key Benefits

  • Speed up the patient check-in process
  • Scan patient driver’s license and insurance card and auto-populate patient demographic and insurance information in the EHR
  • Reduce staff effort and data entry errors. Improve patient satisfaction with faster check-in
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to learn technology

Simply scan the patient’s ID with the ID scanner. Scanner reads both driver’s license and/or medical insurance cards, including laminated or embossed ID types.

Automates the data entry by auto-populating a patient’s scanned information into the record, including the photo, updated insurance details and demographic data.

Dual sided scanning eliminates typos or other errors caused from manual input.

Patient ID Scanner

Patient ID Scanner for faster patient check in

This feature requires customer to purchase the following scanner hardware: Inuvio EcoScan i6d

*Patagonia Health does not test EHR and EHR hardware interfaces in Citrix Virtual Machine environment. We do not recommend running Patagonia Health EHR in Citrix VM.)

To purchase contact and use discount code: PATAGONIA for special rates.

Download Patient ID Scanner Flyer