Posted By Monique Dever On March 30, 2017

Thanks to Wilkes County Health Department, Many Public Health Departments Reap the Benefits of Patagonia Health’s TB App

Patagonia Health collaborates with its customers to develop innovative advanced apps to add specific functionality needed by Public Health Departments. This is widely known among our customers who have been the recipients of these beneficial platforms, such as the robust TB App developed in collaboration with 20+ health departments including Wilkes County Health Department and state level TB experts.

“When we were first asked if we wanted to work with Patagonia Health to develop a TB App, my response was, if a vendor gives you a chance to work on something, take it! They’re soliciting feedback for what works and what doesn’t work.” advised Diane Bauguess, CD/TB/STD/Rabies Program Coordinator, Wilkes County Health Department. “When we had the offer to do the TB App, I’m like, OK Yeah! I’ll be a guinea pig. It gave us an opportunity to sit down with the Patagonia Health team. They had meetings with us at a central location. They showed us what they thought about doing and what the app might look like and we made suggestions. We even included a TB state consultant who provided feedback and guidance on how we ought to be responding to some details. And it went really well.”

The TB App continues to evolve as we make further enhancements to the platform and users love it. Today, there are numerous public health departments across the US that benefit from the efficiency of the TB App. The App includes all the tracking and logging of important data elements and treatment including: Flow Sheet, Sputum Flow Sheet, Record of Contacts, Drug Records, Drug Therapy (DOT), and more. “The thing that I like about the TB app is that it’s right there on the computer. If I’m out of the office, any of the staff can pick up that patient in the computer. They can see any notes I made from their last visit and know what to follow up on this time.”

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