Posted By Amanda Girard On May 23, 2022

Telehealth Group Therapy Functionality Now Expanded

telehealth group option

Telehealth group therapy sessions are now possible with Patagonia Health’s EHR-embedded Telehealth App. Previously, clinicians could access our Encounter Notes Widget while using our Telehealth App. Now clinicians can integrate our Group Notes Widget with our Telehealth App. We wanted to provide our customers with the benefits of an embedded EHR Telehealth solution so that one click creates all the functionality they need. We are excited to add on this additional functionality for clinicians so that they can better support a group of clients in a virtual format. 

Key Benefits of Adding Group Notes to our Telehealth App: 

  • Improved clinician and billing staff efficiency 
  • Ability to easily create a group note that auto-populates group session content across all attendee charts, eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Ability to track patient attendance for required group sessions
  • Auto-scheduling feature in the calendar for recurring group sessions
  • Automatic bill creation only for patients who attend each session
  • Easy-to-access accurate and timely reports for group therapy sessions, clinical productivity, and authorizations

“It is very exciting to be able to offer a group telehealth solution to our customers!  We have encountered a new way of life and as a result, we have relied on technology to assist in situations where we can no longer be physically present in some cases. Our new group telehealth has been embedded into our Group Notes Widget and will give providers the ability to allow their therapy groups to happen remotely or as a hybrid in-person and remote environment. This feature will improve quality of care and allow those that can not get to the office to still get the treatment that they need.” 

Jonathan Strange, Director, Clinical Behavioral Health

Our customers can feel secure hosting telehealth group therapy sessions with our EHR-integrated Telehealth App because it is HIPAA Compliant. Patagonia Health is committed to developing secure technologies that help our customers provide the best care possible. We want our solutions to streamline their workflows and be trusted tools to handle their client’s Protected Health Information. These updates to our Telehealth App functionality are just one more way we are striving to best serve our partners in Behavioral Health services.

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