Posted By Denton Dickerson On January 9, 2024

Patagonia Health Streamlines its Clinical Form Update Process

Our EHR. Practice Management, and Billing solution underwent a significant transformation in 2023, making it far more efficient in handling updates to clinical forms. We heard our customers’ feedback and implemented improvements to our solution. Thanks to our newly developed form builder functionality, we have streamlined the process to update clinical forms for the unique needs of each health department.

Before, when a client requested an update to a form, it necessitated the creation of a new service request ticket, which had to be passed to our development team. Despite the dedication and commitment of our development team, this process led to a backlog and increased turnaround time to complete new form requests.

All of this changed in June 2023, with the introduction of our new form builder functionality. This tool has revolutionized our ability to quickly modify clinical forms and significantly reduce form update response times. It’s also made us more competitive with other EHR companies when it comes to custom form abilities and modifications. 

Clinical Form Update

This enhancement allows us to process the average clinical form nearly 20 times quicker than before. In many cases, minor adjustments can now be achieved on the same business day.

We implemented this process to ensure our ongoing commitment to enhancing our customers’ daily operations, addressing their ever-changing needs, and helping them better serve their communities. By boosting our flexibility and response times, we ensure that our EHR, Practice Management, and Billing solution is always evolving and remains accurate and relevant.

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