Posted By Monique Dever On October 24, 2014

Patagonia Health Shares New “User Focus Groups” Video

User Focus Groups Video

Patagonia Health has uploaded a new video to our YouTube Channel! Watch our very own Debbie Widener explain all about our User Focus Groups.


To get the most out of an Electronic Health Record, we all know that users need continuous training and help well beyond initial EHR training and go live.



Here’s what attendees have to say about their experience with the User Focus Group (ongoing) training sessions…


Jaimee Lee Watts, Public Health Nurse, Durham County Health Dept.

“This was a good discussion. A lot of questions and concerns were covered. Every Health Director seemed to have their list of problems and questions ready. Durham County started doing monthly user’s meetings with a rep from each clinic. This was very similar, but with situations that other counties were coming across.”


Diana R. Norton, CAN, Caswell County Health Department

“I really like the focus group, I learned a lot. I love the input from the other counties.”


Roberta Powell, FP/STD Program Coordinator, Person County Health Department

“Helpful to be updated. Learn things that we have not heard sometimes. Very helpful to bounce things off other counties to see how they use things/applications.”


Bengie M. Hair, Management Support Supervisor, Moore County Health Department

“Informative – Keep it up!”



“I feel the focus group was very helpful. I learned some buttons on Patagonia Health I did not know about. I enjoyed learning with others, it is better after you have been on it for a while.”


Lori Kearns, PHN III, Moore County Health Department

“It was helpful to collaborate with other health departments using Patagonia Health and hearing how they have made the system work for them and their clinics.”

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