Posted By Monique Dever On March 23, 2021

Patagonia Health Provides Tools to Public Health Departments for Successful Mass Vaccination Initiatives

covid-19 vaccine

Patagonia Health’s fully-integrated Mass Vaccination App. efficiently manages the administration, tracking, and reporting of the COVID-19 vaccine.

To manage the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, health departments across the country need to efficiently manage vaccine administration, tracking, and reporting on a large scale. In response to the current environment, Patagonia Health launched a fully-integrated Mass Vaccination App. This secure, HIPAA-compliant solution allows patients to self-register for and self-schedule their vaccination appointment.  Patients are also able to view their consents, while clinicians are able to conduct and document mass vaccination (including off-site) visits directly within the EHR. 

As an expert in Public Health software, Patagonia Health already has the capabilities of vaccine inventory management and administration, including seamlessly sending vaccination data to state immunization registries. Making vaccination data available at the state, and thus national, level is key to effective pandemic response. Patagonia Health’s development team expanded these tools to include patient pre-registration and the ability to manage mass vaccination patients separately from a health department’s regular schedule. Additionally, the app will track multiple COVID vaccine doses based on manufacturer and Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

“Many of our customers are in the middle of the largest mass vaccination campaign they have ever performed,” says Ashok Mathur, Founder and CEO, Patagonia Health. “Working with our customers, our team immediately began the process of developing a Mass Vaccination App to meet the demand for the management, delivery and administration of vaccination services at an unprecedented level. Public health department’s staff are stretched due to the pandemic response and they appreciate the time and effort saved by the app. We are proud to contribute to the COVID-19 solution.”

Patagonia Health developed the Mass Vaccination App as an important part of their overall COVID-19 response. To support their customers, the software company rapidly deployed a COVID-19 screening tool and a fully-integrated telehealth solution earlier this year. Patagonia Health aims to provide rapid responses to meet customer needs, especially when faced with unexpected public health challenges.

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