Posted By Dayna Riddle On May 10, 2023

“Patagonia Health Pioneers” Recognized for 10+ Years of Service

Ashok Mathur is a first-generation American citizen, and as such recognizes the sacrifice of early adopters of his vision. They left something known behind and entered into the unknown: a start-up software company. As Founder and CEO of Patagonia Health, Ashok had two goals when creating a new EHR, Practice Management, and Billing company. Patagonia Health continues today with those same goals of providing easy-to-use EHR software and excellent customer service

At a company-wide meeting, Ashok recognized four of our teammates who joined early in the vision to make an industry-best product – Zeke Zecca, Felicia Deloatch, Sean Compton, and Debbie McNeil.

Patagonia Health teammates

Zeke remembers the early days of Patagonia Health when the team met in Mathur’s attic. 

“There were not the resources we have today when Zeke joined Patagonia Health,” says Ashok. “However, he believed that with his extensive experience in healthcare IT, he could create a product that was not only easy to use, but also easy to learn.” 

“In those early days, we all wore many hats– developer, sales, support, and advisor,” says Zeke. “Since then, we have been driving EHR testing with a full and growing team. It is gratifying to work along with a caring company that supports such a vital part of our society.” 

Three years after Zeke joined the team, Felicia found Patagonia Health. She says even after 10 years, she continues to learn about public health. “No public health departments do everything alike. There’s always something to learn, and I love the people.” 

Don Sargent, VP of Customer Experience, says, “Felicia is the standard-bearer for clinical training and is at her best when in front of a classroom training our customers. We all could not be happier to have her on our team.” 

Sean was soon to follow Felicia in 2013. “When I started with Patagonia Health, there were only 7-8 of us. We didn’t even have proper desks, as we were a true start-up. My favorite part of working here is the team. There is no departmental friction and I feel like I can talk to anyone. We may have cubicles and desks now, but we kept the culture of being able to talk to each other whenever we want to.”

Harbi chimed in, saying, “Sean is a critical gear in this whole machine and keeps it running smoothly.”

Ashok found Debbie working in billing at a public health department in North Carolina. Debbie says with a smile, “I was just in the right place at the right time. It’s been a pleasure working here.”

Don is confident there isn’t a better person to have on a team than Debbie. “We all know her as our billing expert, but I know her as a trustworthy advocate for our customers. If you want it done right every time, Debbie is your person.”

Patagonia Health’s success can be attributed to the dedication and hard work of its team members like Zeke, Felicia, Sean, and Debbie.  We continue to innovate and grow rapidly to empower healthcare organizations to improve the well-being of their communities. The team’s passion for behavioral and public health and commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that Patagonia Health will remain an industry leader in EHR software for years to come.

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Patagonia Health’s integrated EHR, Practice Management, and Billing solution is designed to improve departmental workflows using apps and cloud-based technology. Our company was founded with a focus on providing technology solutions with highly referenceable customer service. We collaborate with public and behavioral health organizations to develop advanced features,  empowering them to improve the well-being of their communities. Our federally-certified software enables our customers to achieve their desired health outcomes. We serve those who serve others. If you’d like more information about our solutions, contact us today.

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