Posted By Monique Dever On June 10, 2021

Patagonia Health Offers Interface to PHIN Public Health Information Network

Patagonia Health has added an interface to PHIN, the Public Health Information Network, using the MINT Platform IHE. The PHIN is a national initiative to advance interoperable information systems for public health organizations. The interface option that has been added to the Patagonia Health EHR allows system users to lookup patients in PHIN to create and update patient details and health records using records from other participating organizations. It also posts patient details and health records automatically to PHIN access by other authorized public health organizations.

If the patient is not already in the agency’s EHR system, users can “Query PHIN” from the search list, enter what is known about the patient, and click “Get Patients” to query PHIN.  If the patient is found in PHIN, they can simply click “Copy Patient to EHR” and pull the data into the new patient record.

Whenever the patient details are updated in the EHR, the system saves relevant changes automatically and patient details will be sent to the PHIN using MINT IHE. Likewise, when a Patient’s Encounter note is signed, a CCDA document for the patient will be generated and sent to the PHIN.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers tools and resources to “help increase the capacity of public health agencies to electronically exchange health data and information.”

This interface is an add-on capability to the Patagonia Health EHR.  If you would like information about how to add this feature, please contact

For more details about PHIN visit the CDC PHIN web page. 

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