Posted By Amanda Girard On March 1, 2022

Patagonia Health Offers Free 2-Factor Authentication for EHR

patagonia health offers 2FA free

Patagonia Health, an Electronic Health Record (EHR) software company serving Public Health agencies and Behavioral Health clinics, offers free 2-factor authentication for EHR customers. In today’s digital world, data security plays a vital role. There have been increasing cybersecurity threats to healthcare agencies. This extra authentication step secures protected health information (PHI) from ransomware attacks.

Healthcare agencies abide by HIPAA and HITECH laws to secure protected health information. Even with encrypted data, a healthcare agency can be at risk of breach. Passwords can be especially vulnerable to hackers. 2-factor authentication (2FA) utilizes one-time passwords (OTP) accessed via SMS or email. This second security layer confirms the identity of the person signing in. 2FA is essential when sharing or accessing PHI data through outside networks. For this reason, 2-factor authentication for EHR makes remote work safer.

“Cyber attacks and phishing scams are becoming more and more sophisticated. Providing Two-Factor Authentication ensures health records are more than just a login and password away. Our customers, and the communities they serve, deserve the peace of mind knowing we are diligently securing their Protected Health Information.”

Amos Slaymaker, VP Sales and Marketing, Patagonia Health

Patagonia Health EHR gives Practice Administrators easy access to configure 2-factor authentication. 2FA can be set up so all users logging in must enter a 6-digit code received on their registered SMS or email address. 2FA is not required for HIPAA/ HITECH compliance but helps secure patient data further. Health agencies are still liable for data security, even when work devices are offsite.

Patagonia Health pushes Healthcare IT forward with its innovative and secure EHR technologies. Their modern, cloud, app-based solution is designed with modern security challenges in mind. Their latest security and encryption best practices meet HIPAA and HITECH standards for meaningful use. Offering free 2-factor authentication for EHR customers is another level of protection for them.

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Patagonia Health is a living Electronic Health Record (EHR) software designed to meet the complex needs and desired health outcomes of Public Health and Behavioral Health organizations. Their federally-certified, easy-to-learn platform includes integrated practice management and billing software so clients get one end-to-end solution. Employee-owned and organically grown, their mission is to support their client’s businesses with software and service that allows them to provide their patients with the care they deserve. For more information, visit Patagonia Health’s solutions, visit

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