Posted By Dayna Riddle On October 31, 2023

Patagonia Health Offers FPAR 2.0 Reporting

In an effort to streamline data reporting and improve public health services, Family Planning Annual Reports (FPAR) are transitioning to version 2.0. Patagonia Health now offers this updated FPAR 2.0 reporting integrated within our electronic health record (EHR) for our public health customers. 

FPAR 2.0 reporting revolutionizes data collection, service delivery, and reporting analysis for Title X recipients seeking grant funding. Title X Program grantees started collecting encounter-level data in 2022 and can now report it for the first time in 2023. However, many EHR vendors still require laborious manual data transfer between their internal reports and state aggregators’ platforms. 

Patagonia Health removes this process by tying encounter notes and patient demographics (collected in the EHR) to a generated report that can be easily uploaded to their state aggregators. 

Other benefits of Patagonia Health’s FPAR 2.0 reporting include:

  • The ability to request grant funding for family planning services
  • Customized reports tailored to state requirements
  • Data collection and reporting to minimize errors from manual entry

The Office of Population Affairs recently released the 2022 National Summary of the Family Planning Annual Report, which includes several family planning statistics that were affected by EHR vendors that are not tailored for FPAR data collection. Other issues users noticed were data quality challenges due to implementing new EHR systems that are not designed for public health.

“Our users value the simplicity of our FPAR 2.0 reporting system, as it streamlines their data management process and ensures accuracy and compliance in their reports,” says Sr. Technical Product Analyst John Ramsey. “The system easily allows them to maintain documentation that aligns with their visit workflow for family planning visits.” 

Patagonia Health stands out from other vendors as we have a solution designed specifically for public health departments. Public health organizations should have an EHR that not only allows for FPAR 2.0 reporting and data collection but also understands that public health is ever-changing. An EHR solution made for public health must be flexible enough to keep up with any federal and state requirements and reporting updates.

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