Posted By Amanda Girard On August 11, 2021

Patagonia Health now supporting MS Edge Browser

Now supporting MS edge browser

Patagonia Health, an Electronic Health Record (EHR) software company serving Public and Behavioral Health, is now supporting MS Edge browser along with Firefox and Chrome. In today’s digital world, data security plays a vital role. Adding this additional browser is a step Patagonia Health is taking to further protect their customer’s patient data from cyberattack.

“Browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge tend to be very secure overall because they are open source browsers” says Harbi Dhanjal, Vice President of Engineering, Patagonia Health. “We offer our customers support with multiple secure browsers to help prevent security risks even further. In case any one of these browsers ever has an issue, customers would still have safe alternatives to use.”

Open source browsers are constantly under the microscope for security risks, with many people testing the code for weaknesses and issues. Firefox, Chrome and MS Edge browser are all open source browsers that receive frequent security updates. MS Edge has also been receiving good press for Microsoft’s privacy and security features being both comprehensive and accessible for users. All three browsers are consistently ranked as best overall. 

Patagonia Health is committed to pushing the future of healthcare forward with its innovative and secure EHR technologies. Their modern, cloud and apps-based solution is designed with all of the modern security challenges in mind, utilizing the latest security and encryption best practices. This additional MS Edge browser is just one further step to better serving their customers in Public and Behavioral health. 

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