Posted By Monique Dever On March 5, 2018

Patagonia Health Makes Top 10 Most Trusted EHR Vendors List

Insights Care Ashok

Patagonia Health made the list of InsightsCare’s 10 Most Trusted EMR-EHR Solution Providers of 2017. Considering that Patagonia Health’s number one goal is 100% customer reference ability, this means a lot!

Ashok Mathur, CEO and Co-founder of Patagonia Health spoke to InsightsCare about his inspiration and dedication. When he tells the story of Patagonia Health’s first years, Ashok reminisces about the selfless group of people who came together to do something in which they believed. “We have to have the right people, those who empathize with our clients’ problems and concerns, and are not just looking to close a ticket. We do not simply hire software developers; we invest in customer service.”

Patagonia Health is building a strong reputation that proves that customers are making the right decisions. Integrity and trust are instilled into the culture of the company from the top down and back up again.
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Patagonia Health: Connecting People, Process and Technology

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