Posted By Dayna Riddle On April 3, 2024

Patagonia Health Launches Ideas Portal for Feature Requests

After months of work and a pilot customer, Patagonia Health, an integrated Electronic Health Record, Practice Management, and Billing software company, launched an Ideas Portal for our customers. 

Patagonia Health values the input of our customers. The health industry is constantly evolving, and we pride ourselves on designing solutions tailored specifically for public and behavioral health. To ensure our solutions are keeping up with our customers’ needs, we prioritize listening to customer feedback.

Currently, users of the Patagonia Health system use Freshdesk, a platform that allows users to submit ticket requests or questions, and view educational resources like webinars and release notes. After hearing feedback from their users that feature requests were lost in support tickets, the Patagonia Health Product Management team designed a new portal to be used in tandem with Freshdesk. Freshdesk will remain in use for problems and questions, but the Patagonia Health ideas portal will become the new home for new ideas and feature requests.

Benefits of the Ideas Portal

The Ideas Portal aims to improve customer engagement with our team and give users visibility into the product roadmap and progress. It is managed by the product team, removing the need for our support teams to weed through feature requests and support tickets. 

Additionally, removing this extra step allows our support team to quicken response times to give our customers optimal support while using our system. When feature requests are only submitted through the Ideas Portal, these ideas are sent directly to our product team, who can address them as they come in. 

Although this is another platform for our users, there is no need to remember another username and password to log in. Patagonia Health uses a Single Sign On (SSO) functionality to allow users to access the ideas portal within their EHR, removing any additional steps to log in. 

Patagonia Health Ideas Portal

How to Submit an Idea

To access the Patagonia Health Ideas Portal, our customers can simply log in to our EHR and open the “My Profile” tab. For users who have access, the Ideas Portal link will appear. Once users start typing the summary of their idea into the new idea form, the system will automatically pull up any ideas that match that summary. If their idea already exists in the system, they can view the status of the idea, or subscribe to the idea to get email notifications when the idea status changes. This allows users to get real-time updates on their feature requests or other ideas for the product, increasing communication between the product team and users. 

The Lifecycle of an Idea

A substantial benefit of the Ideas Portal is the ability for our users to see where their idea is in the product process. Our goal is to increase visibility into our roadmap and communication with our customers of their idea status. Once users have uploaded their idea, our product management team will review them and update the status of the idea as needed. Users will receive email notifications when their idea status has changed. 

Idea Statuses Include: 

  • Already exists – This idea is a feature that already exists in the Patagonia Health system. 
  • Future consideration – The idea matches the long-term vision of our product, but is not currently on the roadmap. This idea may be considered in the future. 
  • Will not implement – The idea does not match the long-term vision of our product.  
  • Planned – The idea aligns with our team’s current roadmap. We are working on this feature!
  • Shipped – The idea has been included in a release. Users can check their EHR login page for the most recent version of release notes to view more details about the new feature. 

Communicate with Other Users

When viewing a list of ideas on the portal, users can sort by recent, trending, or status of ideas. Users can vote or comment on ideas they would like to see implemented. Additionally, they can filter by different categories that align with the features of the EHR they are interested in having developed by our team. Along with increasing collaboration within organizations using our system, these votes and comment threads are sent directly to our product team for consideration. 

Future Plans

Currently, users can only see ideas submitted by their organization. Moving forward, the product management team plans to open idea visibility from all organizations to all users. This allows collaboration between organizations using Patagonia Health across the country. Additionally, the team plans to implement a process for how highly voted ideas will affect status on the roadmap. This process will allow our customers to vote on which ideas should take priority. 

Existing tickets that are feature requests in Freshdesk will be migrated to the ideas portal by the product management team. Each state will be in different phases of this project, with estimated completion by August 1st, 2024. Our team will contact customers individually to let them know what phase they are currently in.

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