Posted By Dayna Riddle On December 15, 2022

Patagonia Health Joins Forces with Fairfax County Health Department

Fairfax Virginia

January 15, 2021, was an exciting day for the Patagonia Health team as leaders from Fairfax County Health Department in Virginia chose the Patagonia Health Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution for their Health Care Services Information System (HCSIS). A multi-departmental committee from Fairfax County selected Patagonia Health following a comprehensive RFP process, including a two-and-a-half-day demo/interview session onsite in northern Virginia. 

Founded in 2009, Patagonia Health’s EHR solution serves public health and behavioral health organizations nationwide. Both Patagonia Health and Fairfax County have worked collaboratively over the past several months to enhance the core Patagonia Health EHR with custom programs, workflows, and reporting requirements. 

The on-site demo training, implementation meetings, and overall preparation for the partnership were equally exciting. The Customer Experience and Development teams provided multiple demonstrations and training for Fairfax County employees, to walk them through the system and answer any questions they had specific to their workflows.

“This is why we come to work every day. It is customers like Fairfax County that inspire all of us at Patagonia Health to do our best work,” said Don Sargent, Vice President of Customer Experience. 

Custom development is a large aspect of this partnership, which kickstarts Patagonia Health’s growth overall and drives the evolution of its services going forward. Patagonia Health developed several optimized programs to fit Fairfax County’s billing and administrative needs, among others, according to Debbie Widener, Senior Implementation & Training Consultant at Patagonia Health.

“We were able to streamline their accounts receivable department to meet the needs of their county finance department,” Widener says. “Multiple hours were spent understanding the customer and the customer understanding us.” 

The 250-user system in Fairfax County is the first Public Health customer for Patagonia Health in the state of Virginia. It is also the first time in the company’s history we’ve teamed up with another enterprise to provide implementation services. Creative Information Technology, Inc., (CITI), based in northern Virginia, provides two dedicated resources to Fairfax County who work within Fairfax’s office to assist the users in real-time. CITI’s expertise in Project Management and Business Analysis has been instrumental in keeping this project on track and on time.

In addition, the development of multiple configured forms and programs, specific to the state of Virginia, means that others in the state can take advantage of Patagonia Health’s expertise. 

“Working so closely with Fairfax has given us a great interworking knowledge of the requirements of the state of Virginia,” says Amos Slaymaker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We are working collaboratively with Fairfax County to ensure the EHR and billing solution is optimized for Public Health in Virginia. Fairfax County’s Health Department is progressive and well-organized. We are excited to deliver a solution to help meet their vision for serving the citizens of the state.” 

Fairfax County Health Department’s mission to “protect, promote, and improve health and quality of life” aligns with Patagonia Health’s goals to push the future of healthcare forward. We intend to support health organizations to serve their communities with innovative and secure EHR technologies

“Fairfax County Health Department staff are passionate about Public Health and strive every day to bring value to their community. This is evident on a daily basis while working to implement their Patagonia Health EHR,” says Britney Shinall, Senior Project Manager at Patagonia Health.

The first phase to begin the training and implementation of Patagonia Health’s EHR in Fairfax County began this year, and will continue into 2023.

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