Posted By Monique Dever On June 22, 2016

Patagonia Health Expands; Relocates Headquarters

15100 Weston Pkwy Blg

Cary, NC
Over the past few years Patagonia Health has expanded its staff to keep up with growing demand. The continued growth has been a result of a great product and award-winning customer service, but for the most part, due to high recommendations from our customers.

Throughout this time, we have doubled our sales and marketing teams, and quadrupled our support and training staff. We have earned a spot on Inc. Magazine’s top 5000, in fact top 5%, fastest growing companies nationwide, at #269 overall.
Because of such massive growth, we needed to relocate our headquarters to accommodate not only desk space but also media and conference rooms. Patagonia Health conducts regular online webinars and demos, so media space was critical.
The new address for Patagonia Health is 15100 Weston Parkway, Suite 204, Cary, NC. Just a few miles down the road from our previous site.

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