Posted By Lorana Price On August 4, 2020

Patagonia Health Develops Integrated Telehealth Solution

In response to customer needs and the increasing use of telehealth due to COVID-19, Patagonia Health, a provider of Electronic Health Record (EHR) software designed for Public and Behavioral Health, launched a fully-integrated telehealth solution. The secure, HIPAA-compliant solution allows users to easily schedule, conduct and document virtual visits directly within the EHR. 

“Many of our customers were challenged with how to provide adequate care during COVID-19 while maintaining a safe physical distance and not exposing their clients to an office environment. Our team saw the immediate need for a telehealth solution to support our customers and our community,” says Ashok Mathur, Co-Founder and CEO, Patagonia Health, “The app’s development was centered on being easy to use and seamlessly integrated into the existing Patagonia Health EHR workflow.”

Within 12 weeks, Patagonia Health’s Telehealth App went from idea to deployment. Beginning in mid-March, discussions began around the idea of developing an embedded telehealth solution. After surveying customers to understand their specific needs, Patagonia Health’s development team launched a pilot site for internal training and testing on May 18th. On June 25th, the telehealth solution was launched to all customers for use.

The Telehealth App quickly received positive feedback from customers. Discussing one of her first Patagonia Health telehealth visits, Jennifer Halter, LSW-C at Wicomico County Health Department in Maryland, raved “[My client] commented that it was easier to hear and see me than when we used Google Meet. I found it easier to see her, as well. Overall, it was a great experience!” 

Benefits of the Integrated Telehealth App Include:

  • Support to maintain or increase revenue
  • Convenient for patients by removing travel for appointments
  • Easy access to healthcare with face-to-face video and audio engagement
  • Improve clinical efficiency during difficult times and beyond

Patagonia Health launched the app understanding telehealth is more than a trend related to the pandemic. With the telehealth solution, users conduct virtual patient visits, document clinical assessments in the patient record and file telehealth claims directly through the Electronic Health Record without changing their current process or workflow. For more information about Patagonia Health’s Telehealth App, visit

About Patagonia Health, Inc.

Patagonia Health, Inc. is a healthcare software supplier with a cloud and apps-based software solution that is designed specifically for Public and Behavioral Health agencies. The solution includes an integrated, federally-certified, Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management (PM) and Billing software. The company’s mission is to solve two major barriers to EHR adoption − usability and cost − and address customers’ number one problem: billing. Patagonia Health’s highly-intelligent solution is easy to use and provides timely data for organizations to improve workflow and streamline operations.

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