Posted By Monique Dever On April 28, 2015

Patagonia Health Aids County Health Departments to Successful Attestations

Franklin County Health Department was among a long list of several local health departments that successfully attested for the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) Meaningful Use incentive program, with the help of their EHR provider, Patagonia Health of Cary, NC.

For many health facilities, the attestation process is still quite foreign and can be daunting. Patagonia Health’s team is experienced and is committed to working with their customers to make sure practices qualify and receive their due incentives. Franklin County Health Department took advantage of the Meaningful Use Incentive Assistance Service offered by Patagonia Health, and was successfully guided through every step of the attestation process.

“Patagonia Health provided the supporting documents that were needed, including patient volume, automated measure calculation, and clinical quality measure reports. They scheduled a time to complete the attestations and walked our staff through each page. Attestation is a new process for [us] and Patagonia Health helped with our department tremendously” said Vickie Cowan, Business Officer, Franklin County Health Department.

The Patagonia Health EHR software has built-in safeguards to track progress toward meaningful use objectives to ensure accuracy in numbers and reporting for attestation. The Patagonia Health staff provides a comprehensive “Attestation Ready” checklist that they work through to ensure that all required documents and certifications are prepared and ready for submission.


Patagonia Health is currently progressing a large number of other clients and health departments across the country through the complexities of the attestation process. “We have heard, all too often, the intimidation people have when it comes to meaningful use, and what it all entails. So, we dive in deep with all stages of Meaningful use, whether you are going through the AIU process or attesting to Stage 2” says Nicole Sutton, Senior Support, Implementation Specialist, Patagonia Health. “The support and assistance provided to submit our EHR Incentive information was absolutely perfect! The reports were great and the step-by-step phone assistance during the submission phase was extremely helpful. It made for a very simple and stress-free submission” says Susan Wilke, Practice Manager, Appalachian District Health Department.


Meaningful Use measures are a big part of the EHR system and the Incentive Assistance Service can relieve the worries and stress of the attestation process. “Meaningful Use is something we focus on every day, we know it very well and our extra level of support is a huge benefit for our clients” says Sutton.


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