Posted By Abhi Muthiyan On October 20, 2008

Healthcare IT veterans and software experts launch an Electronic Medical Record software company focused to serve medical practices

Based on their deep understanding of the EMR market, it’s dynamics, opportunity size, limitations of current products, emerging software business models, technology possibilities; Healthcare IT industry veterans started this company. Patagonia Health decided to focus on a narrow market segment enabling creation of an optimal solution, which wins over small (1 to 3) physician practices. This narrow market segment is large and grossly underserved with least EMR penetration.

Current EMR systems require physicians to adapt their workflow to that of the system which necessarily slows the physician down and results in lost revenue. Too often, these systems are designed for hospitals, clinics with multiple specialties, or large practice settings and are far too busy and complex for small physician practices. Furthermore, they are prohibitively expensive for small physician practices. Patagonia Health has started with focus on solving two major barriers to EMR adoption: Usability & Cost.