Posted By Arnav Mathur On November 17, 2021

Jonathan Strange Hired as Patagonia Health’s Clinical Director

Patagonia Health's Clinical Director Jonathan Strange

Patagonia Health, a leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) software company, has launched a Behavioral Health Team (BHT) to provide new and existing customers with personalized support and customer experience to ensure efficiency, growth, and accountability. The team members have a combined 40+ years of behavioral healthcare organizational management, technology, and clinical expertise. One of the behavioral health experts who was added to this incredible team is Jonathan Strange. He will be serving as Patagonia Health’s Clinical Director.

Jonathan has over 20 years of experience in behavioral health. As a clinician, he worked as both a Mental Health therapist in a forensic patient environment as well as a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor at various agencies in New York State. Jonathan then went on to be part of a start-up company geared specifically toward providing an EHR solution for Mental Health and Substance Abuse providers.  Jonathan has held many different roles related to the EHR space.  He continues to focus on clinically driven best practices and deliver content development to our EHR solution, with a dedicated commitment to “consumer first” methodology. 

Some of his responsibilities as Patagonia Health’s Clinical Director:

  • Customer Experience Assistance
  • Behavioral Health Growth and Retention
  • Software Enhancements and Upgrades
  • Organizational Support and Development
  • Sales and Marketing

Over the last few years, Patagonia Health has been growing at an exponentially fast rate. Jonathan will focus on helping Patagonia Health continue to expand all around the nation. Patagonia Health will continue to be the trusted advisor in Public Health, and even more now in Behavioral Health with Mr. Strange’s leadership.

If you’d like to learn more, be sure to check out our behavioral health solutions page or click here to talk to Jonathan about how our solution may help your organization.

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Arnav Mathur is a Marketing Associate at Patagonia Health. He conducts market research regarding electronic health records and reaches out to clinics across the United States to see what Patagonia Health can provide for them. He also writes content for public and behavioral health while combining his business skill sets and customer focus to help push healthcare IT forward.