Posted By Hope Alfaro On October 13, 2016

Streamline your community health center with improved UDS Reporting options

UDS Reporting

Patagonia Health has recently improved HRSA-required Uniform Data System (UDS) reporting tools in its Electronic Health Record (EHR). The tools are ready for use for all Federally Qualified Health Centers. Now with one, simple click all UDS reports are produced in tables as specified by HRSA.


New demographics options and FQHC-specific terminology has been added to patient registration and mandatory reports can be pulled in as little as too clicks. The improve self-reporting options will help busy administrative and clinical staff satisfy UDS reporting requirement efficiently and with minimal errors.


The new reporting options are a series of improvement to the EHR to better serve community health centers including FQHCs in improving their workflow and billing. To see more information on our how we support community health, visit our FQHC page.

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