Posted By Lorana Price On August 23, 2018

Patient Consent Forms Are Now Editable

Editor for Electronic Health Record Patient Consent Forms

Patagonia Health demonstrates its responsiveness to customer requests with the addition of the Patient Consent Form Editor. The new editor is an add-on to our Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. You may now customize patient consent forms with the detail and language that best applies to your center.

For example, your organization may now add additional or varying information to a consent form, such as services refused by a patient. Or, you many wish for patients to choose between optional statements. Additionally, forms may be specified according to language (English, Spanish, or Multi, which is both English and Spanish) within the editor. The version number/specification of the document are also able to be established or updated.

Users with Administrative or Template Editor roles may create, update, revise, and customize consent and authorization forms they require patients to complete and sign. They may access the Patient Consent Form Editor through the Practice Administration portal.

The top portion of the form, which pulls data-specific information from the patient record, is not editable. Likewise, the signature area located on the bottom of the form is also not editable.

“The consent form is considered legally binding after it is signed. It is no longer editable once signed,” says John Ramsey, chief enterprise architect for Patagonia Health. “When a signature is captured via the Patient Consent App, the consent form becomes a locked document within the patient record, much like a PDF.”

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