Posted By Monique Dever On October 6, 2017

Debbie Widener Presented at NCPHA 2017 Fall Educational Conference

Debbie Widener Presenting

Patagonia Health’s resident billing expert, Debbie Widener, presented at this year’s NCPHA Fall Educational Conference (FEC) in Asheville, NC.  Her vast knowledge of public health and billing best practices have proven beneficial to our customers and we are proud to have shared her knowledge and expertise with the attendees at NC Public Health Association’s annual FEC.


Debbie presented two separate topics to educate attendees on how Public Health departments can increase their revenue through tips and best billing practices.


Debbie’s session “Maximize your reimbursements with the updated billing requirements” covered the most recent changes to the North Carolina Medicaid Clinical Coverage Policies, and Special Bulletins and how to keep up with these changes.  This section included the Health Check Bulletin, Be Smart for Family Planning, and Obstetrics.


The second session “Coding & Billing 101 for Public Health” covered specific billing rules that can affect the bottom line for Public Health revenue.  She covered important resources that can help health departments bring in the maximum amount for services provided, ways to increase reimbursements with correct usage of modifiers, frequently missing add-on codes, and lots of other billing tips that all billing staff can benefit from.


If you missed the FEC, you will once again have a chance to gain these insights and more.  Debbie has been asked to return for the NCPHA 2018 Spring Educational Conference.

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