Posted By Fuller Harvey On July 23, 2018

Bi-directional Lab Orders Interface

bi-directional lab orders interface

Patagonia Health users are now able to send bi-directional lab orders directly to LabCorp, the world’s leading health diagnostics company, with Patagonia Health’s new Lab Order Interface.

Order requisition information is created in the Patagonia Health EHR system and sent electronically to LabCorp. This feature increases operational efficiency and saves time and money by eliminating double data entry and reducing data entry errors.  The bi-directional feature allows users to retrieve reports and lab results directly via the EHR.  Report notifications are sent to the provider and results are added to the the patient record.

If you are a current user, you may sign up to add the Lab Order Interface feature to your system.

Training will be provided for this feature at your organization’s request.

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