A mobile solution for automating data collection for off-site clinics

HANDI Swipe mobile immunization app

To meet its mandate of keeping their populations healthy, Local Health Departments run off-site clinics (e.g. for immunization). However, after the clinic, they end up with a lot of paper forms, and data entry becomes very time consuming. Patagonia Health is working on a mobile health (mHealth) app that will digitize the whole process, in real time, using an iTouch or iPad mobile device.

A built-in optional part of the Electronic Health Record, mHealth App provides:

  • Registration – Simply scan the patient’s ID (e.g. driver’s license) with a built in mobile scanner. All patient information is automatically uploaded into the patient chart. Using a mobile printer, print a patient bar code label.
  • Patient Screening – The nurse scans the patient’s label to retrieve the patient’s chart and with a simple tap-to-answer feature, can quickly complete a series of (configurable) health questions – no typing required.
  • Patient Consent – As needed, the patient can simply sign their consents directly on the mobile device.
  • Vaccination Administration – Simply scan the bar code on the (immunization) vial to match the immunization-specific data (lot number, dosage etc.). Tap the mobile device to note how and where the vaccine is given (e.g. left side deltoid).
  • Documentation and Connectivity – All patient data is automatically captured and uploaded into Electronic Health Record (EHR). The system is HIPAA compliant and works on-line or in off-line mode.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete mobile solution for off-site clinics
  • Works with internet, local Wi-Fi, or in off-line mode
  • No more paper forms or post-clinic manual data entry
  • Easy tap-to-answer feature to quickly complete all documentation
  • Configurable screening questions and patient consents
  • Patients sign consent directly on mobile device
  • Built-in as part of Patagonia Health EHR includes connectivity and upload to state systems e.g. immunization registries
  • HIPAA compliant and secure