Integrated Transportation Management Tool

The MA Transportation App manages the roster of authorized non-emergency transportation providers, the services delivered to the targeted populations, and the recipient’s demographics, insurance information, and appropriate documentation. The MA Transportation App is fully integrated as part of the public health Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

  • Reciptient enrollments in the program can be verified and monitored for compliance
  • Determine Medicaid and other coverages via Real-time eligibility check and document (EVS provided confirmation number required for reporting)
  • Allow for reminder flags to alert staff to recertify annually after initial completion or more frequently by patient determined by medical condition.
  • Ability to report on dialysis related transports due to the critical nature of this treatment.
  • Billing and recipient satisfaction metrics can be reported via a service monitoring features.
  • Complete Reporting functions with import data options.
  • “Revise Transport’ that cancels existing transport and creates a new one, auto-populated from original but is still editable.

Key Benefits

    • Complete intake process
    • Reservations can be booked via the MA Transport App directly to the vendor software
    • Trip calculator makes it easy to schedule transport requirements with the most cost effective provider
    • Complaints tracking
    • Comprehensive reporting


Download Patient ID Scanner Flyer