Idaho’s Ability Health and Rehabilitation Adopts Patagonia Health’s Behavioral Health EHR

Nestled between the mountains and streams of Idaho, Ability Health and Rehabilitation is striving to assist individuals in learning to improve their quality of life through healthy management of symptoms, development of healthy social and communication skills, advancement of basic living skill knowledge and understanding of their self worth.

Ability Health and Rehabilitation’s Drivers for Change

Samantha Strickland, founder of Ability Health and Rehabilitation, is wroking to provide quality mental health services for the community she calls home. To achieve that goal, she needed to implement a behavioral health EHR system that could function beyond scheduling and medication management.

Her goal was to take the agency’s records to a fully digital system, reducing the expense of managing paper records. She also needed Patagonia Health’s EHR software to act as a scheduler for all clinic and field services provided by Ability, allowing all service providers to document progress notes into client charts. Additional functionality the agency looked to Patagonia Health for included:

  • Creation of Treatment Plans
  • Clinical Assessment & Diagnostic Tools
  • Psychological Assessments
  • e-Prescription capabilities
  • Electronic Lab Interface

How Patagonia Health’s EHR Delivered

With that great “wish list” in mind, Healthfirst ultimately landed an EHR with everything they desired, Patagonia Health.
In addition to the Electronic Health Records, Practice Management and Billing software, Healthfirst also selected a few optional apps including the eFax, Pharmacy App, Communicator App, FPAR Reports, Electronic Patient Consent Forms, and a lab interface.

Other Key Features We Provide

Learn more about Patagonia Health EHR

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