Improve Population Health via Integrated GIS Health Mapping App

GIS Health Mapping App

GIS Health mapping, integrated with Electronic Health Record (EHR) data, allows the health department to see actionable data in real time. This app is an effective tool to plan outreach and communicate need/strategy with community stakeholders, e.g. board of health or county commissioners.

Features & Benefits

  • Overlay real time (clinical, financial) data from EHR onto county map
  • Analyze data to promote health equity and help eliminate health disparities
  • Quickly and easily view clusters of problems (e.g. teen pregnancy) and outbreaks (flu or measles)
  • Combine EHR data (e.g. diabetes) with other sources of data (e.g sidewalks or fast food restaurants)
  • Compare historical data with current season
  • Visualize community health with stakeholders
  • Efficiently plan targeted outreach to focus on certain geographies
  • Expedite decision making with powerful real time data
Reported Influenza Cases GIS Sidewalk to Road Ratio GIS Flu
reported influenza cases screen shot GIS Sidewalk to Road ratio GIS FLU IMAGE