Will you be able to support your expanding SUD-MH services with your current EHR?

If you were recently notified that your center will be awarded funding from HRSA, you may be considering changes to your infrastructure.

Electronic health record (EHR) systems that are not designed with behavioral health services in mind often don’t meet the needs of community health centers providing Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health (SUD-MH) Services. As you expand your SUD-MH services, you’ll need a system that can provide:

Behavioral Health EHR Features

Patagonia Health’s ONC-certified Behavioral Health EHR can operate as a standalone system or integrate with your existing EHR software to provide you with a single view of your client. Key features of our comprehensive Behavioral Health EHR include authorization tracking, daily and weekly progress notes, group notes, reporting and behavioral health-specific billing functionality.

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How a Behavioral Health EHR Supports SUD-MH Services and the Opioids Crisis

The webinar below demonstrates how our Behavioral Health EHR system supports addiction, treatment and recovery services. Check it out to see how we can help you, too.