Integrated Electronic Patient Consent Forms

Electronic Patient Consent Forms EHR

Patagonia Health EHR features an optional built-in Electronic Patient Consent Form. This feature can be used either with a Topaz signature pad and/or touch screen options for direct sign by the patient and provider for various forms, either at the time of check-in or in a clinical setting, such as the exam room. This feature includes many standard consent forms such as Acknowledgment of Receipt of Notice of Privacy, Family Planning General Consent for Services, etc.


  • Electronically sign patient consents at check in or within clinic
  • Speeds up the process of patient consent documentation by eliminating the printing, scanning and shredding of paper forms
  • Prep needed electronic consent forms for upcoming appointments
  • We can create consents as needed to meet customer requirements
  • Can be used with an external Topaz signature pad or with touch screen laptop
  • Patient signed consents are easily available within the patient chart


  • Capture patient consents electronically
  • Speed up patient consent documentation process
  • Eliminate paper waste
  • Decrease cost of printing paper documents
  • Streamline workflow