Integrated Electronic Fax Option for Easy, Paperless Communications

Electronic Fax via EHRElectronic fax (eFax) option allows the user to receive and send a fax directly from within the Patagonia Health Electronic Health Records (EHR) software. Patagonia Health provides a unique fax number. Received faxes to this number come as an email attachment which can be easily filed into patient’s EHR chart without scanning. Additionally, referral letters can be sent directly from the EHR via electronic fax without printing, making it easier than ever before.


  • Paperless inbound fax: Received medical records such as hospital discharge papers can be quickly filed directly into patient records – no more printing and scanning 70 page documents!
  • Quick and easy outbound faxing: The system saves the fax information (name, fax number etc.) for the community providers making it easy to send referral letters, medical records, information, or prescriptions directly from the EHR system. No need to print and fax documents.
  • Convenient paperless process reduces paper and ink costs and increases staff productivity
  • Reduces waste from junk faxes. Simply delete the junk Fax file.
  • Unlimited incoming and outgoing faxes; no per fax/page charges.


  • Automates work flow; take your agency to the next level
  • File inbound faxes directly to patient records in the EHR
  • Saves fax information for quick sending of faxes
  • Increases staff productivity
  • Reduces costs of fax paper and ink