Assisting and motivating patients to change their smoking behavior can be a challenge to health care providers. With the right tools, smoking cessation progress can be made, monitored and targeted, both with a patient and the community at large. Patagonia Health’s EHR has various tools that can be applied at the patient level and for community planning.


  • Tobacco dependence is a leading cause of avoidable death
  • Nearly 1 in 5 deaths are caused by cigarette smoking
  • Smoking increase the risk of heart disease, COPD, Asthma, Lung cancer
  • 70% of all smokers want to quit
  • Quit attempts are more successful with clinical assistance and guidance
  • EHRs can help clinicians with Tobacco Cessation

Tools for Smoking Cessation

Plot progressTemplates for data reporting 

With the Electronic Health Records, all data that is captured in drop downs, check boxes, and radio button fields can be used for reporting. Actionable reports can then be exported into Excel for follow up on Quit Date.

Capture tobacco cessation/counseling data within workflow

  • Data capture within the clinical workflow can improve the treatment, education, and goal setting processes.
  • The 5 A’s assessment form can be accessed directly form the patient visit note screen
  • Capture smoking activity status as social history on the same screen as other medical history
  • Set up treatment plans and goals and track progress using graphs


Data exchange between EHR and Quitline

  • Patagonia Health EHR can send referrals to the Quitline electronically
  • Quitline can send progress back to the EHR
  • Clinicians can track the status of referral appointments
  • Data exchange between the EHR and Quitline is done via CCD and HL7 data exchange protocol
  • Data exchange standards created by North American Quitline

Communicator App Text Message
Tools for patient engagement and education

Keep the patient engaged via Communicator App (optional) with follow up emails and text messaging. Communicate directly via the patient portal, where patients and providers can communicate via secure messaging.

Tools for community outreach & education

GIS Health Mapping App

GIS Health Mapping App

Use of the integrated GIS Health Mapping App (optional) can help improve the population health, and assist the agency in planning community outreach and education programs where it will have the biggest impact.

Data Reporting and Analysis

Data analysis tools can aid in planning resources and funding across programs

Billing Tips

Check insurance eligibility directly from the EHR and take advantage of billing for maximum results

Reimbursable codes – samples

Insurance Service Codes Sample Reimbursement Rates
Private 99406 (Cessation Counseling for 3-10 mins)
99407 (Cessation Counseling for greater than 10 mins)
Medicaid 99406 (Cessation Counseling for 3-10 mins)
99407 (Cessation Counseling for greater than 10 mins)
Medicare 99406 (Cessation Counseling for 3-10 mins)
99407 (Cessation Counseling for greater than 10 mins)



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking

Quit Smoking

American Lung Association

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Smoking Rates and Tobacco Cessation Coverage in Medicaid Expansion Resource