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Webinar: Best Practices for EHR Implementation: Case Study
Presented by Alisa Leonard, Director of Nursing and Lauren Link, MBA, EHR Project Manager, Cleveland County Public Health Center

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HIPAA Breaches PresentationWebinar: Meaningful Use: Eligibility, Compliance, and Attestation
Presented by Nicole Sutton and Tom Power, Patagonia Health
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HIPAA Breaches PresentationWebinar: Common HIPAA Breaches in Public Health
Presented by Jason Sutor, Patagonia Health
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Presentation: ICD-10 Readiness for Public Health

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References: ICD-10 Cheat Sheets

Tuberculosis Codes

Sexually Transmitted Disease STD Codes

Maternal Health Codes

Family Planning Codes

Child Health Codes

Behavioral Health Codes

Generic Codes


Alisa LeonardPresentation: Best Practices for successful EHR Implementation
Presented by Cleveland County Public Health Department
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