Since March of 2015 when Patagonia Health first visited Washoe County, and long before they became a customer, the staff at Washoe County Health District has been a huge help in the continuing evolution of Patagonia Health’s Immunization App. Patagonia Health regularly works with many practices, but WCHD has been exceptional in the amount of effort they have put into explaining their needs and validating new features during the development process.

WCHD provided detailed requirements and feedback on many of the immunization improvements including:

  • User interface designs for adding patient immunization history
  • User interface designs to allow easy entry of multiple vaccine administration records on a single page
  • Bar code scanning of vaccine for vaccine administration and vaccine inventory
  • Registration of families
  • Official reporting for patient vaccinations and vaccine inventory
  • Best practices when handling vaccines with diluents
  • Processes supporting the bar-code scanning of vials to pull from inventory lots and then send specific packaging NDCs to billing

Thanks to the involvement of the team at Washoe County Health District, the Immunization App is now a robust immunization platform with many functional and reporting features.