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The Effects and Hazards of E-cigarettes (Guest Blog by Rebecca Williams, MHS, PhD)

e-cigarette poison control center calls

“The Effects and Hazards of E-cigarettes: How and Why Public Health Departments Should Inform Patients Now” Because there is still the effect of “the jury is out” about the very specific long-term effects of e-cigarettes, it’s important that public health advocates and doctors communicate with their patients about counteracting the marketing that they’ve seen, that […]

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Using EHR data to select candidates for HIV PrEP

HIV Clinic

The increase in medical technology including Electronic Health Records (EHR) has greatly increased the amount of available health data for both research and treatment. Many public health departments, community health centers (FQHC), and private practice have already made the move. HIV clinics are also seeing the benefits of increased data and treatment outcomes for patients […]

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The FDA issues Guidelines Covering EHR Data in Clinical Trials

FDA approval image

As Electronic Health Records (EHRs) become more prolific, their use and value in ongoing and new clinical trials becomes more important and also a point of confusion and contention on data quality and privacy concerns in the industry. A new document released by the US Food and Drug Administration is intended as guidance for principle […]

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How can EHR help with Evidence-Based Approach to improving patient health?

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), “the practice of evidence-based public health (EBPH) is an integration of science-based interventions with community preferences for improving population health”   It makes sense to focus limited public health resources on implementing strategies that have already proven to be effective in producing positive health outcomes. […]

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