Carequality Interoperability Framework

Access Data Across Networks, Platforms and Geographies

Patagonia Health is a member of Carequality. Carequality helps providers share clinical data across multiple networks to improve patient outcomes. This framework allows practitioners to securely access and share updated patient data, improving the speed, quality, safety and cost of patient care.

As a Patagonia Health customer, you can access clinical data across HIEs, labs and hospital EHR systems (e.g., EPIC) that are part of the Carequality network.

What is Carequality?

The comprehensive Carequality Interoperability Framework consists of multiple elements, including legal terms, policy requirements, technical specifications, and governance processes, which operationalize data sharing. Carequality allows health information exchange networks, vendors, payers, and others across the healthcare ecosystem to experience previously unseen levels of connectivity.

Why Use Carequality?

Carequality Access Clinical Data

Access Clinical Data

Access and confidentially share patient data with hospitals, labs and other medical offices.

Carequality Import Patient Data

Import Patient Information

Easily import clinical data, such as allergies and medications into Patagonia Health’s EHR.

Carequality Coordinated Care

Improve Coordinated Care

Make better care plan decisions with improved clinical insight.

Key Features of Carequality

Query Patient Data

Easily Query Patient Information

Enter patient information, such as date of birth or social security number, and receive a Continuity of Care Document.

Import Health Data Securely

Import Data Seamlessly

Specific patient data can be pulled into the EHR during enrollment/registration.

Carequality Information Handling Practice

Patagonia Health is a member of Carequality, an initiative of The Sequoia Project. Patagonia Health makes functionality available to its customers to enable them to exchange data with other healthcare organizations using the Carequality Framework. Patagonia Health transmits and stores information only to enable its customers’ use of Carequality. The information includes electronic health records for specific individuals who are the subject of the Carequality transaction. The information is not stored or aggregated for any other purposes other than the Carequality transactions.

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