Posted By Ashok Mathur On June 22, 2015

Three key steps to get EHR incentives for local health departments. Do not miss out.

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) EHR incentives for eligible entities, like local health departments, are quite easy to get. For Medicaid, Eligible Providers (EPs) (MD, NP or certified midwife, providing direct patient care, qualify) can get the EHR incentives. Each EP can get a total of $63,750 over a period of six years. Furthermore, by just signing to purchase an EHR, one can qualify and get $21,250 per EP within 4-6 months.


For busy providers and administrators, understanding and navigating the large set of rules, and qualifying for incentives can be difficult and cumbersome. The following three key steps can help departments recognize the complexities associated with understanding eligibility as well as applying to get the funds.


  1. Understand: One needs to understand the rules to help determine whether you qualify or not. There is a lot of money on the table. Is your health department missing out on incentives? Find Out.
  2. Comply: As you may be aware, each clinic, including local health departments, need to comply with the federal EHR meaningful use mandate. Some smart and easy-to-use EHRs have built-in safeguards to track progress toward meaningful use objectives. Built-in reminders, with each note, can help providers learn and comply quickly. Additionally, the EHR should provide quick and easy-to-view reports, per provider, to ensure that organizations are meeting meaningful use defined objectives. These built-in tools can help you qualify and get the all-important incentive $s. Make sure the EHR you select makes this easy.
  3. Apply: Your EHR vendor should hold your hand through the whole process of meaningful use qualification and attestation for the CMS EHR incentives. Additionally, you should select an EHR vendor which provides an easy-to-attest submission process including comprehensive “Attestation Ready” checklist to work through to ensure that all required documents and certifications are prepared and ready for submission.

Meaningful Use measures are a big part of an EHR system. A smart EHR should be able to relieve the worries and stress of the attestation process.

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