Posted By Monique Dever On December 13, 2019

Ten Indicators That You Should Replace and Modernize Your EHR System

Ten indicators that you should replace and modernize your Electronic Health Record (EHR). If your agency has three of these indicators, you should search for another EHR.


Not all EHRs are created equally. Some are archaic and cumbersome, and require too much IT support. Some are expensive and yet still do not do everything that you need them to do. Does this sound like your current EHR System? Here are 10 indicators that are telling you it is time to look elsewhere. If you have three of these indicators, it is time to start Googling new EHR.


  1. Your staff is constantly complaining about your current EHR being too cumbersome to use.
  2. Your IT and clinical staff are spending months and years to build your EHR. After years, you still cannot capture charts electronically. Even borrowing templates from other clinics is not helping. Your EHR should work out of box from day 1.
  3. Billing and getting paid is an enormous challenge. Expanding to other payers is complex.
  4. Staff is tired of having to go to multiple screens to do even simple tasks requiring dual data entry.
  5. You need an IT guru to pull even simple reports – and even then, the reports are not accurate or complete.
  6. Your agency has yet to achieve meaningful use compliance. Are you shocked how much more you have to pay for upgrade to meaningful use stage 1 or stage 2? What will it cost you to upgrade to Meaningful use stage 3 coming in 2016?
  7. Connectivity to required Immunization Registry or Health Information Exchange is cumbersome or expensive.
  8. You’re tired of the never-ending purchases of this or that module – and you still do not have everything you need?
  9. Service from your current EHR vendor is non-existent – it takes months or years to get an enhancement your staff needs to do their day-to-day job. Your vendor is not focused to meet your needs.
  10. In your heart, you know that putting more effort into a 20+ year old software is not going to get you there, and yet, you continue year after year, because other agencies you know have same bad software.

If your organization has 3 or more of the above indicators, you should seriously check out other modern software. With federal meaningful use standards, switching to another EHR is not hard to do. You may also save some $s.

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