Posted By Fuller Harvey On April 12, 2018

Having the Right Tool at the Right Time

EHR Toolkit for Planning and Procurement

In our last blog, we encouraged agencies who were beginning the process of implementing an electronic health record (EHR) system  to “Find Your Driver”:  to identify the one key person in your system who believes in the idea of what an EHR platform could do, believes in the people providing support behind the system – and who also believes in the people the EHR is created to serve – both co-workers and clients.

Once you’ve located such an EHR Super Hero, before you put him or her behind the wheel, it’s of utmost importance to provide that driver with a fully outfitted garage, complete with all the tools necessary to fine-tune the engine of your selected EHR – and mechanics who are both skilled and accessible.

Several checklists and EHR toolkits exist which can be of supreme benefit to assisting the driver of your EHR implementation in getting “up to speed.”

In it, your driver will find:

  • An introductory video explaining the contents of the EHR toolkit.
  • Tools, including a checklist for considering the sources which could be tapped for providing fuel (financing) for your EHR.
  • A template for the phases of transition:
    • Pre-Solicitation and Preparation
    • Vendor Solicitation
    • Vendor Evaluation and Selection
    • Vendor Relationship Management
  • Another great tool and resource is this slideshow which promotes the “20 Best Practices of top Chief Digital Officers”. And while the person who has been chosen to drive (“cheerlead”, “champion” – whatever your go-to description is) may not necessarily be considered a “digital officer”, he or she will be sitting in the driver’s seat of a very “digital” vehicle – – one driven by “digits” – -your fingertips and their input via a computer keyboard.
  • Another critical checklist addresses the “12 Top Challenges in Making an IT Transition” and can assist in thinking ahead to avoid speed bumps, oil slicks, and pot holes for your driver and the EHR vehicle.
  • Finally, equip your driver with the encouragement of those who have already been around the track a time or two. Access the motivation and confirmation of agencies who have successfully utilized all the right tools at the right time and who care to share their stories.  Testimonials are the best teachers of Tool Time.

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