Posted By Fuller Harvey On March 20, 2018

Pyramid Power: EHR Support and On-going Training Set Apart the Best from the Rest


A recent study by the American Journal  of Managed Care reported in January of this year that nearly 75% of EHR users are not maximizing the full value of their system.  Much like most of us utilize very little of the capabilities and capacity of our smartphones, so, too, the profile of the average EHR user.  A similar correlation can be made regarding the updates to our smartphones we routinely accept without being granted the hands-on training to tap into all the capabilities provided by each update.

“The truth is, if the under-utilizer practices don’t get some kind of help or support, it’s unlikely they’ll step up their use of EHR functions.”

Educators and trainers across all fields acknowledge something that has become known as “The Learning Pyramid” (first articulated by the National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine) which correlates percentage of learning retained according to method with which it was imparted:

National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine
Clearly, 20% of any type of training which relies solely upon lecture, reading, and/or audio visual modes is likely to be retained -at most.  In other words, 80% of the content goes proverbially in one ear and out the other and disappears from the learner.

As user-interaction increases, so does retention of learning, which is critical to increase the foundational base of beneficial learning.

The best of electronic health record (EHR) vendors implement this understanding on multiple levels.  When selecting your vendor, look to see how they are communicating and educating users.  The best vendors implement the Learning Pyramid in multiple stages in establishing a business relationship with each client.

Keep the Learning Pyramid in mind both for yourself and all the end-users at your agency. 
Demonstrations, interactive webinars, and an accessible and knowledgeable (engaged) training staff (which transitions to an equally accessible and knowledgeable support staff) should be forefront during:

    • The selection process. Even from the earliest interactions, from initial demonstrations , and phone or in -person consultations, the vendor should engage in discussions which seek to tailor the EHR they are offering into becoming the EHR you need.
    • The Initial Training and preparation for Go Live.  Training sessions should likewise be tailored to the rhythm and personality of your agency and should provide both the safety harness and the “cheerleader” security and energy needed to implement the selected EHR.
    • On a continuing basis, in support of advanced learning and enhanced releases. à The best EHR providers offer on-going training opportunities specifically developed for your agency, and as-needed support.  These services can include webinars, resources, release notes, and multiple layers of support, including live assistance during work hours.  Settle for nothing less.

Engagement is always the key.

EHRs vendors who provide ongoing enhancements and learning win GOLD for service – and are worthy of being the Best – far above the rest.

So – access the full value of your EHR, understand the power of the pyramid, and leave the rest behind.


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