Posted By Amanda Girard On June 29, 2021

Optimize IT Spending: How EHR Support Affects your Bottom Line

ehr support bottom line

Optimize IT spending at your healthcare agency by prioritizing a vendor with great EHR support. Great support has more on an impact on your bottom line than you might think.

As healthcare organizations seek to recover from the financial downturn caused by COVID-19 and improve patient outcomes, CIOs are turning to health IT and EHR optimization to lead the way. Digital tools are now a competitive differentiator for healthcare systems, yet poor support for these products can be draining on resource costs whereas good support can save you and help you optimize IT spending.

Help desks too overwhelmed to handle the number of inquiries coming their way can create frustration due to delays, yet frustration is only the start. Delayed responsiveness and unavailability from IT support and customer service teams can add on time to new system go-lives, lengthen training times and slow the speed of your own crisis response management. However, nimble response times and availability for implementation and training is not the only way good IT support and customer service can save your organization time and money. 

Strong IT support and customer service teams are not only versed in the EHR system they support but also in the healthcare organization’s cross-organizational workflow and communication practices. Great support teams are able to offer solutions specific to your organizations. They can also provide analysis of help desk incidents to underscore workflow or system education difficulties. In other words, great IT support teams help your EHR system work even better for you.

If you are in the process of comparing EHRs, be sure to optimize IT spending by choosing a vendor with great IT support and customer service. This will ensure your EHR works even better for your staff and those it serves and that your EHR support positively affects your bottom line.

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