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How an EHR Improves Patient Care

how an ehr improves patient care

It’s no secret that an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system can benefit your clinic, but do you know how an EHR improves patient care?

With advancements in technology and software continuously pushing out updates, the old way of note-taking and registration is over. There’s no more need for long, confusing forms that will only be copied into a system. 

EHRs give you all the important information you need for decision-making at your fingertips. You have access to a patient’s medical history, previous treatments, prescriptions, and any specialists or clinics they’ve visited – giving you better insight on how to treat your patients and exceed their expectations. 

These are all great to help you run an efficient clinic, but how exactly will an EHR improve patient care for your clients? 

An Overview

  • High level snapshot of patient information
  • Empowering clients through Patient Portals
  • Increased accessibility via Virtual Visits

Information in One Place

A great benefit for your patients is the consolidation of all the information specific to each patient. Knowing what medication your patient is currently prescribed, if they are on a treatment plan, their family history, or even their mental state and lifestyle is key to how an EHR improves patient care. Any red flags to be aware of will also be present. This can really save someone’s life in certain situations. 

Having this centralized overview of information allows you to make important decisions daily – in a quick and well-informed manner, increasing operational efficiency. According to, 75% of clinical providers believe that an EHR system helps in providing better patient care, while 88% felt that it provided lasting benefits for the clinic itself. 

Getting Clients and Patients Involved

An important thing to remember when it comes to patient care is that it is a two-way street. Having an EHR can make the clinic experience for your patient smooth and seamless. With an integrated Contactless Patient Experience portal, patients can easily check in online prior to their visit. They can complete the necessary forms (Demographics, Consents, HIPAA, Declaration of Income and Assessments/Pre-Screenings) on their personal devices and any necessary Patient signatures will be collected. 

The world we live in today is very busy and fast-paced. Providing a solution to your patients to do the necessary work on their down time, from the comfort of their homes, or even at work is definitely a way an EHR can improve patient care. It  also has the potential to build a better relationship between you and your patient. People tend to be more forthcoming in assessments and pre-screening questions when they are filling out forms without being asked directly by their doctors. 

Scheduling appointments has never been easier. Through a patient portal, your clients/ patients will be able to log-in to the Patient Portal and select the date, time, location and provider preferred for an appointment and may be able to request to reschedule or cancel an existing appointment using the self-service functionality.

They may also be able to scan documents such as insurance cards, driver’s license and medical history documents to populate the patient demographics and medical records, as well as have access to their lab results, all within the portal. 

Giving access to your patients can make them feel empowered. They will be able to take responsibility for themselves and their care, which can factor into positive outcomes. By being more informed, patients are more inclined to ask follow-up questions, update any missing personal information and medical history, and be active participants of their end-to-end healthcare journey. 

how an ehr improves patient care

The Importance of Telehealth

Telehealth is one of the major improvements in healthcare technology. Not only has it become widely adapted in the industry, it has become a want among many patients. The addition of Telehealth is a way an EHR can improve patient care. It gives patients the ability to meet with providers from wherever they are on a device they are comfortable using, and that’s the biggest draw with Telehealth – accessibility. 

Patients can save on gas and admission costs. If a clinic is too far from a patient or they are not able to travel easily, Telehealth can help alleviate this pain point. They can get the treatment needed online. Their appointment visit fees may also be reduced for Telehealth appointments, further increasing their accessibility to care.

A big issue that many providers face is that their patients will use the internet to search symptoms and self-diagnose. According to the Pew Research Center, roughly 35% of adults have used the internet to self-diagnose a condition based on symptoms. With Telehealth, patients can now have access to care providers between clinic visits, potentially mitigating self-diagnosis. 

Telehealth will provide patients with an experience where they know their information is confidential and in the right hands. When selecting a telehealth option for your patients, take confidence in an EHR embedded telehealth solution due to its robust features designed just for them. An embedded solution is the most safe solution because it is HIPAA compliant and serves your staff as much as your patients/ clients. The seamless transfer of patient information from an embedded Telehealth solution paired with encounter notes speeds up the process of updating their patient record. 

In Summary

When considering going to an EHR for the first time or when selecting a new EHR to better fit your health organization’s needs, be sure to consider how an EHR improves patient care. The ease of your workflow, your billing processes, and meeting your reporting requirements is crucial. At the end of the day, these tools are just here to improve your administrative workload to help you do what you do best – serve your clients and patients. When you shop for an EHR solution, consider how these additional functionalities can best do that. 

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