Posted By Monique Dever On May 26, 2015

Do you have a Smart EHR? Find out Now

Smart EHR

Remember flip phones? OK, I know some people who still use them, but today most people would be lost without a smart phone. They want to be able to access real-time data any time and anywhere. They want to easily communicate and stay connected. They want personal apps at their fingertips. So imagine an intuitive EHR system that satisfies all these same needs and more to your organization.


A ‘smart EHR’ system will help, not hinder, your performance to move your organization to the next level. A smart EHR will help you automate processes while helping you achieve CMS meaningful use compliance. Here are ten ways to tell if you have a smart EHR.


  1. All-in-one system (Practice Management, Electronic charting and Billing) so there is no duplicate data entry.
  2. It is easy-to-use and easy-to-learn. Just like a smart phone app, each user must be able to do their job by simply going to 2 or maybe 3 screens. We know that not all staff members are tech savvy. Thus, EHR must be easy-to-use.
  3. Just like a smart phone, each EHR user must be able to personalize their workflow and screen. For example, a nurse doing allergies, medication, family history should be able to have those widgets on the screen.
  4. Has built-in safeguards to track progress toward Meaningful Use (MU) objectives so you won’t miss out on incentive payments.
  5. Includes built-in reminders, with each note, to help providers learn and comply quickly.
  6. Has integrated communication tools to communicate with patients, pharmacies, and other health agencies.
  7. Has integrated reporting tools to access real-time data anywhere at any time.
  8. Fully complies with HIPAA Privacy and Security rules.
  9. All updates, including ICD-10 and MU Stage 3, are automatic and at no extra costs.
  10. Of course, it must be affordable.

A smart EHR works for you and it is easy-to-use. If your EHR is causing providers to take too much time for documentation, and clinical staff has to duplicate efforts, and billing is separate altogether, than I would say that is not a very smart system. If your system provides all 10 items above, you have a smart EHR. Newer apps-based EHR are smart and use latest technology to make it easy to use for the average user.

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