Posted By Arnav Mathur On February 8, 2022

Behavioral Health Trends for 2022

Mental health has been taken more seriously by the public in the last decade or so. Behavioral health trends for 2022 center around increased interest in improving psychological well-being. Clients want whole-person care and care models and access to services that work best for them. We’ve outlined what those are for you.

Public Awareness about Mental Health

One behavioral health trend for 2022 is the continued public awareness of these health care needs. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, people realized more than ever how important it is to seek help for mental health. It also became clear the need for a better system to support behavioral health in the US. 

Before the pandemic, mental health was not discussed as openly as now and was still brushed aside as less important than physical health. Now it is no longer as taboo or disregarded.

Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) is becoming more popular as more members of the public see the need for holistic care. 

Find ways your behavioral health specialists can participate with primary care providers even if you are not part of the same clinic. 

  • Can you build relationships and stronger referral networks with primary care providers? 
  • How can you improve communication and record exchange with primary care providers? 
  • Are there things you can provide primary care providers to screen for mental health and substance abuse issues? 

Integrating behavioral health and other health services is the way to better care. Now your clients are aware of this also and are seeking to find it. 

Value Based Health Care Models

Another Behavioral Health trend for 2022 is value-based care. More clients and clinicians are leaning towards this over the traditional pay-for-services model. 

Michael Porter and Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg introduced this concept around 15 years ago in their book, Redefining Health Care. In value-based care, a reimbursement by private insurance companies is given based on the quality of care given. The reimbursement is linked to the client’s health outcome. A higher rate of client satisfaction leads to a higher reimbursement and vice versa.

In a pay-for-service model, insurance reimbursement is made for the care provided, regardless of quality.

Many caregivers are switching to value-based care because it has more benefits (lower costs, growth, and improved care). Clients prefer it because they receive more satisfactory care. 

Value-based care benefits both sides well, thus it is unlikely there will be a decrease in this trend. As this is becoming standard, stay ahead of this trend and install value-based care initiatives in your practice. Also, consider how your EHR can support a mixed model of reimbursements as you transition.

Telehealth for Behavioral Health

A final behavioral health trend for 2022 is telehealth. Telehealth is not new, but this behavioral health trend has only gotten more popular. Telehealth is not going away, as described by this telehealth infographic. Telepsychology and telepsychiatry are now expected procedures by clients. 

With 2022 allowing more in-person visits than 2020 and 2021, there is now a mixed model on care visits. Some clients feel more comfortable meeting in person now. You still need to continue providing virtual visits. Some clients are still cautious about COVID-19 or do not have transportation. Some just prefer not to drive to your clinic.

Consider a discounted rate for virtual visits. Offer services such as group therapy in virtual formats if you are not already doing so. Telehealth can increase your operations budget while saving your clients and clinicians money. 

Finally, consider the type of telehealth platform you are using. Use an embedded EHR telehealth solution. Benefits include cost savings, workflow streamlining, and meeting HIPAA compliance. Find out if your EHR provider has a telehealth solution available.

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