Patagonia Health believes that training doesn’t stop after go-live. Prior to go live, users are focused on learning and practicing the basics of their day to day job. Patagonia Health has lots of advanced capabilities which users wish to learn as they get proficient in using the EHR for their day to day function. Thus, Patagonia Health has started user focus groups. Our user focus groups are a perfect opportunity for you to learn advanced features, tips and share best practices with your peers from other counties.

What is the issue?

Patagonia Health realizes that to maximize value from new Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, users need an opportunity to learn on an ongoing basis. At the initial on-site training, users are only able to digest the basics of how to use the new EHR technology. However, after 2-3 months of using the EHR, users typically have advanced questions that they want to ask.

These are questions like:
• How do I get this report?
• How can I improve our processes to fully take advantage of the new software?
• How do I maximize reimbursements for public health?
• How can I save time with medication reconciliation?

Most EHR vendors pass on these kind of questions to customer support. Support generally will simply answer the questions but not provide training. This leaves a big learning gap and over time users lag behind diminishing value being derived out of the EHR investment. To get the most out of a powerful EHR requires users to continually learn and move up the value curve—training and learning does not stop after the initial EHR on-site training and Go Live.


How can we address this?

To provide continuing learning opportunities, Patagonia Health has organized and conducts regular workshops and user focus groups. Attendees from various counties gather for these one-day, in-person sessions that focus on advanced topics. Currently there are eight separate focus groups consisting of topics related to billing, clinical, reporting and Meaningful Use. In addition to learning from Patagonia Health experts, attendees have the unique opportunity to share tips and best practices with other users from different counties. Sharing best practices for improving processes to maximize technology benefits are an important part of continuous improvement.


User Focus Group: An Overview

These advanced, one-day, in-person sessions are conducted with peers from nearby counties and health departments. Learn tips and share best practices with others in an open discussion led by Patagonia Health experts. We offer sessions that cover a variety of administrative and clinical topics:

“The focus groups are really important. I enjoy going to share what I know with the other counties and get information from them.” Cindy Evans, Central Billing Manager, Appalachian District Health Department.

Sample User Focus Group topics include:

Practice Management and billing

  • Filing secondary claims
  • Billing reports
  • Debt set-off
  • State reporting
  • Working denials/resubmission


  • Electronic prescription: advanced tricks and tips
  • Lab results and orders
  • Maternal Health workflow
  • How to track a patient in the clinic

Learn more

Contact us for more information about the Health Director User Group or Patagonia Health EHR. or Tel: 919-238-4780