Integrated interactive TB treatment documentation

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Patagonia Health EHR TB App is designed and developed for local health departments for clinical documentation of patients in TB treatment. The App has the complete workflow of a LTBI or Active TB treatment and allows the users to chart the following:

  • Epidemiological assessment record
  • Lab orders and results
  • X-ray orders and results
  • Physician medication orders
  • Sputum collection records
  • Record of TB contacts
  • Patient education
  • Monthly medication dispensing records
  • Directly observed medication therapy records
  • Monitoring drug reactions
  • Flow sheet to capture visit details
  • Regular progress notes

The entire TB Treatment record displays on one screen which makes it easier for a user to find treatment information. TB records interact seamlessly with other parts of the EHR. For example patient demographics, current medications, current problems (assessments) are updated automatically in the TB App. No need to re-type information entered elsewhere. Users can easily print the entire record, or pieces of it, to send it to another organization.
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Diane Bauguess

Wilkes County reaps the benefits of the TB App
“When we were first asked if we wanted to work with Patagonia Health to develop a TB App, my response was, if a vendor gives you a chance to work on something, take it!”
Diane Bauguess, BS RN, CD/TB/STD/Rabies Program Coordinator, Wilkes County Health Department


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